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Got an audition coming up? 

As an actor, I know what it takes to put a strong & authentic audition package together on a timeline. 

As a director/choreographer, I've sat behind the table from hundreds of songs and monologues in recent years.
I'm here to help make your songs & sides the best they can be...

You'll leave feeling 110% prepared, ready to play in the moment, & most important...
like your audition
reflects YOU.  

3 ways for us to connect: 

  1. In-person coaching - set it up by emailing me through the Contact page

  2. Video Feedback in less than 24 hours 

  3. Live Video Coaching for 30 minutes or more

Get Video Feedback ASAP

Upload your song, monologue or sides - anything you want, up to 10 minutes long!

Once your video and payment is processed, I'll send you a 5-10 minute video of in-depth feedback. 

  • Get your review in 24 hours or less 

  • Your feedback video will be sent to the Paypal email address you provide, unless otherwise specified. 

  • $50 

*Youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox, or Google Drive links are welcome. Please be sure your video is NOT set to private or restricted access before sending! 

Get Audition Feedback

Thanks! Keep your eyes peeled for an email & invoice from me.

live video coaching

Work on anything you want - a song, audition cut, monologue, scene, audition prep, dance reel, or some career planning. 

All you need is internet connection and a well-lit area with enough space to frame you from the waist up. 

Once your information and payment are processed, you’ll receive a Zoom link and confirmation from me. 

At your appointment time, simply click the link in your confirmation email to begin your video session! 


  • 30 minutes - $60

  • Or book two 30 minute sessions back-to-back for a discounted rate of $100 (save over 15%)

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